Valentine’s Day Facts and History for Kids

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day, is a holiday filled with history that many people don’t know. Get ready for Valentine’s Day with some awesome fun facts that you probably didn’t already know. Share the following facts with your friends to impress them with your Valentine’s Day knowledge!

1. Valentine’s Day traditions date back to the 14th century

Valentine’s Day traditions were celebrated back in the Middle Ages.

2. Valentine’s Day always falls on February 14th

Though some holidays differ every year, Valentine’s Day always falls on February 14th.

3.  The first Valentine’s Day was celebrated in Ancient Rome

Valentine’s Day has early connections to Catholicism in Europe.

4.  Red roses are the flower of love

Traditionally, red roses are gifted to symbolize love.

5. Over 100 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent out each year

According to the Greeting Card Association, Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-sending holiday.

6. Richard Cadbury invented the heart-shaped box design, commonly used for Valentine’s Day chocolates

British chocolatier Richard Cadbury coined the term “fancy box” which was a heart-shaped box to put keepsakes in.

7. Valentine’s Day is not a federal holiday

Though celebrated by many people, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a commercial holiday, not a federal holiday.

8. Red and pink are the main colors of Valentine’s Day

Red and pink can be seen everywhere during the month of February

9. “Saint Valentine” likely refers to multiple saints, not just one

There are multiple Saints recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.

10. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romance and love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate those you love, including your friends and family!

Show your friends and loved ones some love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day by sharing these cool facts with them. Looking for more festive fun? Check out these awesome Valentine’s Day Crafts.

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