Where to Get a Pumpkin Spice Dessert

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, there’s no better way to welcome the fall season a steaming hot pumpkin spice latte. And, depending on the Lodge you are staying at, you might have access to a plethora of delicious pumpkin spice treats this fall season! With Howl-o-ween just around the corner, Great Wolf Lodge is ready to welcome your pack with the flavors of fall.

Bear Paw

Bear Paw Sweets & Eats is a delightful stop for anyone with a sweet tooth. During the fall season, this candy and dessert shop typically offers a range of pumpkin-flavored confections. Sink your teeth into pumpkin spice fudge, pumpkin pie taffy, or even pumpkin-flavored ice cream. It’s a paradise for those who crave the rich, warm taste of pumpkin spice.

Prefer a morning treat? Start your day off right at the Bear Paw Café, where you’ll find a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. This charming coffee shop is conveniently located within the lodge and offers a variety of coffee options, including the beloved pumpkin spice latte. Pair it with a freshly baked pastry, and you’ll have the perfect morning indulgence.


Great Wolf Lodge often has Dunkin’ outlets on-site, and these coffee shops are known for their seasonal coffee creations. When the fall season rolls around, Dunkin’ usually features their own version of the pumpkin spice latte. Whether you like it hot, iced, or as a creamy latte, Dunkin’ at Great Wolf Lodge has got you covered.


Barnwood, Great Wolf Lodge’s signature restaurant, is another great spot to enjoy a fall treat. This rustic-themed eatery often offers seasonal drinks to complement their farm-to-table menu. While you’re there for a hearty meal, don’t forget to ask about their special fall offerings. It’s the perfect way to end your evening on a cozy note.

In-Room Dining

If you prefer to enjoy your pumpkin spice treat in the privacy of your own suite or cabin, you’re in luck! Great Wolf Lodge typically provides in-room dining services, which means you can have your favorite fall beverage delivered right to your door. Imagine sipping on a hot pumpkin spice latte while curled up by the fireplace or out on your private balcony – the epitome of autumnal relaxation.

Special Seasonal Events

Great Wolf Lodge often hosts special seasonal events, so you might get the chance to attend a pumpkin-themed event. Keep an eye on the lodge’s event calendar to see if they offer pumpkin spice treats as part of these festivities. It’s a great way to enjoy your latte while immersing yourself in the fall spirit!

Keep in mind, each lodge offers different dining options. Check out a lodge near you to see what special dining experiences are available to you.

Want to make your own treat at home? Check out some delicious pumpkin spice recipes for the whole family!

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