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Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas

Want to get ahead and get your space ready for spring? Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring! Check out some tips from Great Wolf on how to turn your home into a beautiful springtime space.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning and organizing can be fun! Once your space is organized, you can start sprucing it up for spring!

1. Make a plan: Write down everything that you want to have done to your space, whether that’s donating old clothes or cleaning out your junk drawers.

2. Start in the kitchen: Organizing your fridge can help you feel much better about the organization of your home.

3. Work from top to bottom: Declutter your space and wipe off surfaces before moving to the floors to avoid having to backtrack!

4. Wash your windows: Washing your windows can make a huge difference in the amount of light coming through to your home.

5. Put away all winter gear and winter-themed items: We know it takes energy to take down those holiday lights and decorations but it’s time to get ready for spring!

Make Your Home Feel like Spring

After you’ve cleaned and decluttered, it’s time to decorate your space! Here are 10 ideas:

1. Plant flowers in flowerbeds outside

2. Hang lights around your porch

3. Swap out winter throw pillows and blankets for bright-colored ones

4. Put out fresh flowers in the kitchen

5. Light a new candle

6. Get some new house plants

7. Plant an herb garden in your backyard

8. Open your windows for some fresh air

9. Swap out towels and bathmats with new ones

10. Put out all spring décor!

Now relax and enjoy the nice spring weather!

Check out the Great Wolf blog for more spring content, including these adorable spring craft ideas!

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